About Gamers Corner




JOE CHRONIC: - What can I say, I'm the Man under the hat. I enjoy smoking the finest herb I can find.

Those 2 plants you see in the background were grown in 2009 in my little backyard garden, they produced 12 pounds of dank.

CONCERTS YOU MAY SEE ME AT:  Shows like SLAYER, T O O L, Anthrax, Soulfly, and other metal bands. I am always center right pit down on the floor, smoking joint after joint and banging my head. So look for the hat and lets smoke some herb !

MUSIC I LIKE:  I like a lot of different music, however rap and country are not 2 of them. I listen to a lot of Led Zeppelin and classic rock when I am not banging my head at a live thrash show.

HOWARD STERN:  On Sirius Satellite Radio, Channel Howard 100, 101. BaBaBoey is all you can really say, this man is a genius and should be awarded the Noble Peace Prize, pulitzer and whatever other award you may think of. FlaFlaFlohi...

MOVIES I LIKE:  Fast and the Furious 1-7, Apocalypse Now, pretty much all action/adventure movies - Got to have fast cars, some bullets flying, shit blowing up and the occasional rack to make a great action movie.

FACEBOOK BLOWS:  There is nothing I despise more than some asshole and their Narcissistic facebook page telling us what they just had for lunch, or what they are going to be doing next. Little hint: If we actually cared what the hell you were up to we would be in touch on a personal level and not reading your crap. Get out of the house, get out from behind the screen, put your phone away and get outside and smoke some fatties and meet some REAL FRIENDS ! (facebook blows dogs for quarters man)

         If you have a comment or some news on the Marijuana front, feel free to email me and let me know whats going on